Vision & Mission

Our School’s Vision:

“To Nurture the Spirit of Inquiry and enhance the Intellectual, Physical,Ethical and Emotional and Social Potential of Each Learner”

“To create a Value Based Community of Learners who will stand apart for their Creative and Critical Thinking Skills, Collaborative and Communication Abilities and Comprehensive and Community Development”

The Mission’s objectives are encapsulated in the 6C’s which symbolize the curricular design of EKBS

To elaborate:

Critical thinking:

This refers to enabling students to become critical thinkers who are open and fair minded; who approach men and matters with a spirit of enquiry, and respect evidence and reasoning as opposed to emotional judgements

Creative thinking:

This refers to making students capable of new insights, fresh perspectives which leads them to seeing the world in imaginative and different ways and therefore, expands the horizons of possible solutions.

This refers to developing skills of sharing knowledge and goals with peers and leveraging the power of technology for networking with larger learner-communities for intellectual and social growth.

Communication Skills:

This refers to furthering communication capabilities for better understanding and sharing of information, greater empathy and group synergy, and for developing skills of coaching, mentoring and leading others.

This refers to developing the EQ, SQ, and HQ of students where

IQ- is Intelligence Quotient which helps to develop subject specific cognitive abilities and skills.

EQ - is Emotianal Quotient which manifests as maturity in self awareness, handling emotions and stress, and conflict resolution.

SQ- is Social Quotient which is a measure of social sensitivity, social communication and social insight.

HQ- is Health Quotient which can be regarded as the ability to manage one's physical health and fitness levels by cultivating healthy eating, hygiene and exercise habits.

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