In addition to the best infrastructure, children of classes VI-X are given an exposure to Extempore Speech in English and Tamil. The School provides all opportunities to every child for Physical, Moral and Mental Development and with this end in view House system is being introduced and all co-curricular and Sport activities.

        As a part of physical education school has arrangements to provide the following games and sports for physical development of students.

 Indoor Games: Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis, Shuttle Cork, Yoga.
Outdoor Games: Football, Basket Ball, Kho-kho, Hockey, Kabbadi etc.

        As a part of Literary Activities children are given exposure to competitions like Debate, Essay Writing, Poem Recitation, Quiz, Drama, and Dance in school as well as Inter District Competitions.  Children are given opportunities to participate in the tinsel world also.

        Our children are given opportunities to appear for Olympiads in Science, Mathematics, English and Cyber Olympiad in addition to FIITJEE, Teri Green Olympiad etc. 

        Scouts and Guides, Guidance and Counselling, Life Skills, Adult Literacy Programme, Newspaper in Education and Club Activities are also the part of our academic schedule of the calendar.

        Students Council is working effectively with Student Leader as Head Boy and Head Girl along with House Captains and Class Monitors to carry out all school related competitions and cultural activities.

        In classes VI to VIII students are assessed in each of the 10 Life Skill areas. Self-Awareness, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Interpersonal Relationship, Effective Communication, Empathy, Managing Emotions and dealing with stress.

       Each student is also graded in Work Education, Performing Arts, Three Attitudes areas i.e., Attitude towards teachers, School Mates, School Programme and environment. Students are also assessed in Co-Curricular Activities, Health and Physical Education (CHPE Activities).

        Maximum Score for each Life Skill, Work Education, Visual and Performing Arts and Attitude is 50, values is 200 and Co-curricular and HPE IS50. The average or grade point is calculated by dividing the total score obtained by student by number of items in that component.

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